• Tori Quinn


This morning I got a wake up call from someone who loves me. He turned the lights on around 4:00 a.m. so we could talk. There I stood, dressed in my T-shirt and glasses. He was dressed in the splendor of His creation, showing me more of His character through a thunderstorm.

I was mesmerized. Captivated by His power and beauty. I couldn’t stop staring. I didn’t want to miss anything. He is both beautiful in the way that a flower is beautiful and in the way that lightning is beautiful.

Storms remind me that God is tangible and powerful. They remind me just how small I am in the palm of His hand. He has the ultimate control. I don’t. And for this I am utterly grateful. I felt more peace in this storm than I had in a while. Though I wasn’t asleep, my soul was at rest. In the arms of a powerful God.

I kept gazing at the sky, awaiting more glimpses of His fingerprints. And I thought, “This is only what I can see from my small window. There is so much more happening!” If my eyes can’t see something, that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. If I can’t see God working clearly, that doesn’t mean He’s not doing an amazing work. Tiny things happen we don’t notice that affect us in bigger ways than we know.

Most of the storm involved flashes of light, but I stayed awake for the sake of seeing the lightning bolts. They cut through the fog, decisive, powerful, and clear. They reminded me that God can do whatever He wants, and I like that about Him. I think it’s important to recognize that God is doing more than we can see. But I love those times when He powerfully intervenes and shines so clear.