• Tori Quinn

Brick By Brick

The moments in our lives seem to stack up to bring us where we are. And, to be honest, at times that can really freak me out. I know the weight each decision can carry and I just wanna make sure each one is right.

But the truth is, no matter which paths I take home, I can rest in the truth that God's love and grace will follow me, filling in the cracks of my inadequacies and taking away my shame. And if everything I've stacked up falls to the ground, that's okay too. It's so like Him to work creatively in our circumstances to create something beautiful.

The decisions we make can lead us on any path, but it's comforting to know that no matter which ones we choose, there is good laid out for us by the Lover of our souls. The good is Him. He is here with us in the midst of the beauties and the sorrows of our lives. I'm grateful to have been created and to have been given life - and even more grateful to be under the brilliant care of a loving God. Have Your way to create something beautiful, Jesus. I trust You.

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