• Tori Quinn

Glory Ramblings

Yes, it is indeed the 21st night of September and I'm fat and happy, sitting here writing, which is my favorite place to be, especially with the aftertaste of a wonderful dinner and conversation at La Fiesta in good ole' J-ville, the place where I grew up and the place where I'm staying for a little longer. Temporary homes. That's all that life is, anyway...

I smile as I hear the ukulele class practicing and laughing in the room above me. It reminds me that life is more than just duty. Life is, by definition, creative and soulful. I really desire for my life to be more play and less drudge. I've got a good life and I want to make it the best! I want to get hooked on the feeling of inspiring others, healing others, and bringing them closer and closer to Christ, as I get closer and closer to Christ, too.

I've been thinking a lot lately about how I view people and myself and the like. Still haven't come to any grand conclusion, except that I'll be pondering this stuff forever. But, as far as faith goes, I've been thinking that I don't want to view people as Christian and non-Christian anymore. I want to view everyone as children of the God I speak to everyday, and inspire them as they inspire me to grow closer to Him, because I don't think God has categories like I do when He thinks fondly on His children. I feel like He's wanting to grow a deeper relationship with each of us, no matter where we're at or what we believe about Him at the moment. To clarify, I believe that Christ is God and that what He said that is recorded in the Bible is true and that God's Word is living and active. However, I openly admit that I don't understand it all. And what a beautiful freedom that is, to not have to understand everything before believing it. That is, by definition, faith.

To have faith is not to have complete certainty, but to have an assurance of something you can't see. Something you don't have the step-by-step GPS instructions to. Faith takes belief, risk, courage. Human relationships take faith, too. I feel like God is always deepening our understanding of these things as we go through life. We have Sunday School, but then we have the school of hard knocks, which is not as straight-forward.

I think the primary goal of the enemy is to get us to focus so much on ourselves that we miss out on the adventure of living life to the fullest. For example, I have such a strong passion in my soul to reach out to people in this world around me and shower them with joy, introduce them to Christ, and tell them of the gold that God sees in them. I long to see people healed, touched, seen, and loved into life. However, most days, I find I'm fighting just to get through whatever situation or emotion is thrown my way. But, I don't think that's the goal at all. We know we will get through the day, but we are sons and daughters of God, who created the world by speaking it into life in a matter of days. How much power do we yield in our humility to God? I think we are setting our sights too low on what we can achieve. Instead of focusing on my weaknesses, what if I simply believed that God gives me all the strength, creativity, peace, and joy overflowing that I need? I believe that I am capable of doing much more than I currently do. I want to push myself to live an even more vibrant life. For Christ came to give us life - and life to the fullest.

I want to dive into the waves that come instead of wasting energy trying to avoid them or fight them. This is the image I get of Christ. He humbled Himself and made Himself nothing, taking the form of a servant, for the joy set before Him of loving us. He didn't avoid the hardship, but went through it, and understood the deep joy in totally humbling Himself. I want to adopt this mentality that says, "how can I do even more for you?" rather than, "how can I do even less?" and this is a hard thing to fight. On one hand, I find myself saying to go easy on myself, but also, I want to push myself to be better, because, if I truly believe that I have a relationship with the One who raises people from the dead, then I need to believe that I am equipped to go even farther than I am now. And, oh, the plans He has for me - for you!

We should stop asking God, "why didn't You create me this way, like this person, or with a more profitable skill set?" and start asking, "God, what have You called me to do while I'm on this earth? How do You want me to change the world? What plans do You have for me to bring You glory? How have you created me?" and listen. And do. Because we only have a small amount of time on this earth. So let's take it by storm. Let's make it a glory-filled place, speak things into life with our thankfulness, so the world won't even know what hit it! Second creation story, here we go! The one where God's children realize that they can create and so they do, with direction from their Father. They listen to what He has to say, and they do it. We wield the power already. Now, let's wake up and use it!

These are words and ramblings, but they are glorious. God has created me to spin words like silk. It brings me so much joy! So here's to using what He's created me to do!

Tonight I'm sober. Tonight I'm content. Tonight I'm eternally-minded. I thank God for these moments and I pray that I walk even more in the light of His truth. His Truth is the opposite of a bummer. It's a brilliance straight from the mouth of the Living God!

Now, enjoy some September 21st glory!