• Tori Quinn

Snapshot of a Golden Day

I'm sitting here, basking in fondness for the beauty of this day and this season of life. As with any good story, we go through seasons. And praise God for autumn! Leaves are changing, the weather is perfect, the fog/smoke has lifted, hope is here.

I am so grateful for the privilege to live a day like this. Walking out to my car from work was met with a reunion of close friends from high school: two of my coworkers and my best friend! It's cool when you feel you've been brought to the right place. My most recent answer to prayer has been with my new job.

The busyness of the work day didn't keep our team from moments of connecting through cheesy Napoleon Dynamite and Spongebob quotes, laughing out loud, honesty, and prayer. The people I work with are golden. That's the best adjective I can think of to describe them. We each bring something unique to the table and the Holy Spirit inside us inspires us to do our work as unto God. Because it is! Our mission is to serve God by providing ministries with media and technology tools, so that they can more effectively share Christ with people, further the work of the Holy Spirit, and keep loving people into life.

I look back on today and there's no way I couldn't be thankful. For answered prayer, wonderful people, the dreams coming true in my life, and the ones to come. It's important to take snapshots of these moments and keep them close, ready to be gazed upon for inspiration in any future storms. Days like these make me thankful for this thing called life.