• Tori Quinn


Yes. My favorite place is in front a cup of dark roast coffee, sun shining through the steam, pondering this life, sitting here listening to music that understands how I feel and takes the beautiful role of narrating my moment. Looking sideways out the window, taking a step back, sandwiched in between memories behind me and hopes in front. It seems we are always, inevitably, in the middle, and I will gladly ponder these things, these mysteries, until the end. It seems the best revelations are the ones we let marinate, and I guess you could define meditation as the marination of thoughts. It is my default to dwell, and I think there is such beauty in dwelling. In allowing yourself to be 'unproductive' by society's definition. To let yourself recognize, feel, and contribute to this art of existence. I believe it's a little more eternal than we give it credit for. These are my thoughts this morning, accompanied by the poetic, wispy, vulnerable music of Iron and Wine. This is a snapshot of who I am right now. Deeper, truer than any selfie. This is art. This is my favorite version of beauty. This is me today. And I like it.