• Tori Quinn

Seaside Thoughts

Thoughts from a seaside cafe in May... "Some of the best moments are the quiet ones where your senses are heightened. I'm looking out the window, anonymous, at a beach cafe, just basking in life. Appreciating it for all its beauty. This morning as I was driving over, I couldn't get over the beauty of the hills I passed through, and I actually teared up in thankfulness, thinking of how happy I am for the people around me. For my best friend who just got married to a great guy, for my sister who is growing stronger every day, for my Dad who has found such peace and joy, for my friend who is doing great things in the mission field...for all these testimonies that share glimpses of the goodness of God, and the tangible presence of thankfulness that I feel surrounding me in the driver's seat. I catch a glimpse of how temporary and precious life is, with my Nana passing fully into eternity the beginning of this year, childhood fading more and more in the distance, and the realization that there are no guarantees in this temporary place. It makes me realize how much my heart is pulled toward eternity, like it's on a string connected to the heart of my Father. I look up from writing this to zero-in on specific beauty in the foreground...I love the eyes God has given me and the ability to focus on such beauty and story in the visual world around me. For eyes that behold...and there's just something about looking out of the corner of my eyes in thoughtfulness that makes things more beautiful... I'm thankful for hands that can both hold on and let go. I'm thankful for laughter and coffee and the clanking of plates over Beatles music at this seaside cafe. To blend into the atmosphere, fully just here to appreciate, as if that's my only purpose. Content."