• Tori Quinn

The Art of Breakthrough

Breakthroughs don't always look like what we think. They're not all fuzzy feelings and smooth sailing. They're often clothed in the messiness of life and the awkwardness of humanity. There is such glory in taking one more step forward, even if it's not super emotional. Even if it's uncomfortable. Our Loving Father knows what He's doing, so we can lean back in His safe arms, breathe, and look forward with bright hope. All we have to do is be patient, trust in His process, and allow Him to work through us. His artistry is not weakened by our imperfection. Ironically, it's magnified. It's refreshing to know that the galaxies are held together by His hands, not mine. I expect great things, not because of my strength, but because of His greatness. He's the source, I'm simply the carrier of His light!