• Tori Quinn

Dear Tomorrow

Dear Tomorrow,

I'm sure you're filled with glorious joys and unforeseen lows.

Laced around the corner, you beckon me to meet you.

You are intrigue; you are mystery.

The elusive carrot luring this ass along.

Equal parts hope, equal parts despair.

All beautiful, never predictable.

Tomorrow. The one I shouldn't love. My muse.

Today is the faithful; Tomorrow the chase.

Midnight, where they meet

Yes, you will always catch my eye,

As I fight to hold my gaze on the loving face of Today,

Holding out his hand for me to dance.

So innocent. So plain. But so present.

How many times have I mistreated him!

Asked him to hold my drink while I chase you, Tomorrow...

How forsaken I have left him! And for what?

A dream. Only a dream...

For there is only ever Today. Only what is here with me...

The beating of my heart right now, the blood within my veins,

The air that's coursing in and out, the wind against my face.

This is the only dance I have.

And Today's the only one here, waiting 'til I realize it.

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love you, Tomorrow.

You're only a day away.

Well, that's fine.

You can bring your glory, sparks and all.

But you'll have to come to me...dressed as Today.

'Cause I'm ready to dance.

And oh, can't you just hear the music play? The beat floating, as if to say:

Life is a dance, Tomorrow a fantasy. And Today's the only one kissin' me.

For heaven's sake, kiss back! Please accept this dance.

For heaven's sake, kiss back! Please accept this dance.