• Tori Quinn

Run With It

I've been thinking lately - or at least trying to set aside time to think and really talk with my Father about some things that have been gnawing at my heart. Ever have problems you feel will never go away? I'm realizing a few things about those. Pretty elementary stuff, really. That we have more control over some circumstances than we think, and that there are some things we simply cannot change. The great balancing act of life is identifying which things we do have control over, which things we don't, and then what we want to do about it.

Sometimes we can find ourselves in a situation that appears to be a setback, but is really just something different than we were expecting. We can either sit and pout, struggle to fight against it, or look around and see how the stage is set for us to readjust and ride into a glorious victory.

For example, tonight I sincerely prayed for a sweet time with God where I could receive His joy, encouragement, wisdom, and guidance. For some reason, I had expected to receive this passively, while placing a full night's sleep as my first priority. So I prayed, then, instead of really listening or hosting God's presence, I tried with all my might to just sleep. Which backfired and led me to tossing and turning, then starting this post at 2 a.m., finally surrendering to the sweet time of encouragement and guidance, though different than I had expected. It took me a while to get here, but it's precious, nonetheless.

The picture below is of circles in the sky we saw riding back from Thanksgiving last week. Though it was probably forged by a dizzy pilot, it reminds me of the order we don't always see, and our ability to push through the elements - to work with what's around us and inside us - and place our signatures on the earth. Write your story well, my friend. Write it well.