• Tori Quinn

I Spy

One of my favorite luxuries in this life is quiet euphoria. Living slowly and noticing the beauty of the small things. And right now I'm stationed on a comfy couch at my love's office on a Saturday morning as he finishes a project. It's quiet and simple...and perfect. I savor all the small sounds that make up the music of this moment...

Above the hum of the vent is the tapping of fingers on keyboards, the clicking of a mouse, the sipping of coffee, and breathing in and out. Yep. To take all this in is the quiet euphoria I long for in a busy world. I am, and will always be, a wide-eyed child enamored with wonder.

My latest childlike fascination has been I Spy. Remember this? Well, I long to live an I Spy kind of life, allowing myself to see and appreciate the whimsical little things all around. And I want to fully capture this moment like a beautiful I Spy masterpiece.

As I scan the room, my eyes zoom in to the table to my left...with sixteen holiday leftover crumbs, one Duracell battery nestled atop scattered black cords, a half-eaten bag of macadamia nuts above copy paper, and an "X" within wood.

I look out the window and a squirrel catches my eye, scurrying through the grass and down the paved path. There are three window blinds that appear as upside down steps: one touches the floor, the next is a foot above, and the crooked third blind is a little higher. If I were to stand on my head, these steps would lead up to the carpet ceiling.

I spy a sky blue cord trailing through a stack of opened cardboard boxes...behind it a pink straw poking out of a trash can. I spy three guitars, a red notebook, fairy wings, and a wrinkled hat...

I spy pink, blue, purple and green letters on a whiteboard: one-word 2019 resolutions Pullup, Partnership, Fit, Dad, Draw, Adventure, Skinny, and Gym.

I spy the doorway to the lobby and notice it frames the trunk of a tree and leaves on the floor. I crunch them under my feet as we leave and, as I look back on this morning, I spy exactly what I've always searched for: a simple, wonderful life.